Caroline Van Wassenhove, CPA & Founder of CVW Accounting

At CVW Accounting, Caroline and her team of trusted CPAs and accounting professionals maintain a high level of interior design industry expertise and accounting experience. Their overall mission is to add value through their premium quality service, professionalism, and client focus.  They listen to their clients and view them as true partners. Together, they work collectively to reach the same goals.

As founder of CVW Accounting, Caroline’s purpose is to provide interior designers with outstanding support and personalized care. With several years of both professional and industry experience, she understands that every client is unique and offers services tailored to fit their needs.

Prior to CVW Accounting, Caroline supported various industries, such as Audit & Tax, Commercial and Residential Development, Manufacturing, and Investment Management. Ranging from small boutique firms to a Fortune 500 company, she quickly learned to adapt to different corporate structures and implement processes tailored to fit them. Now as a CPA and a Certified Studio Designer Consultant, Caroline applies her expertise and versatility exclusively to interior designers nationwide.

“I started CVW Accounting because I wanted to work with small business owners and help alleviate some of the stress that comes with running your own company. I enjoy applying what I’ve learned throughout my professional life to better serve my clients and help give them peace of mind.”

                                                                                                          – Caroline